Guard Dog Inferno Flashlight / Stun Gun

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It packs a punch and are the perfect self defense weapon and flashlight taser stun gun for personal protection. The Guard Dog Security flashlight stun gun “INFERNO” features a full rubberized non-slip grip body to ensure a soft and safe grip to help prevent from dropping the taser flashlight. The front of the Inferno boasts intimidating triple prongs on each side,enabling the stun gun to fire three simultaneous sparks loud enough to scare an assailant by the sound alone. These three sparks prongs can be seen, heard and surely felt by any unsuspecting criminals. This stun flashlight packs 6,000,000 volts of self defense power and will bring any assailant to their knees. The ultra bright 3 LED flashlight can also be used as a self defense weapon by just shining the light in assailants eyes leaving you just enough time to get away and call for help. The Guard Dog Inferno comes with a safety cap and safety on/off switch so the flashlight stun gun is safe from accidental discharge and kept deactivated from children. Included is a convenient charging cord that plugs in the back of the Inferno whenever required, nylon holster and Lifetime Warranty. Simply touching an attacker with a non lethal stun gun for two to three seconds will deliver a high voltage shock causing loss of balance and muscle control, confusion, and disorientation bringing the attacker to their knees and making them incapable of further aggressive activity. Full recovery takes about five to ten minutes and there is no permanent harm. Guard Dog Security products are designed to last and are manufactured from high quality materials so you can be assured you are getting a great value for the price with this self defense stun gun flashlight that’s backed by the manufacture  Limited Lifetime Warranty.


  • Powerful 6,000,000 flashlight stun gun
  • 4 Front prongs for 2 simultaneous sparks and double stopping power
  • Fully rubberized non-slip body
  • Safety on/off switch and included safety cap
  • Guard Dog Lifetime Warranty best in the industry
  • Rechargeable stun devices must be fully charged before operating



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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I got this stun gun/flashlight before I went off to college, I absolutely love it! I always felt much safer carrying this around with me when I went places by myself or with friends. There’s a cap on the top to easily conceal the taser part if you don’t want it to be seen, & there’s a precautionary taser switch you have to click on before you can use the taser part to prevent accidentally going off I’m your purse. I would recommend this product to anybody!

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